The Dead Man Lectures

Feel The Dragon’s Breath – Heal
Everything is known. Everything’s been written. Forgive my impudence in writing more, but some things need to be said over and over.

Caveat: This writing is for people in their 30’s or older. Most younger folk still think this world can work out for them. They have not yet manipulated, seduced and tricked their way to success only to find their life still empty and the world a farce. So if you’re happy and think life is grand (or someday will be), this is not for you. Don’t be distracted. Continue to enjoy yourself. If and when you get miserable and feel the dragon’s breath on you; that’s time enough to read this.
But be warned: Any love or goodness you find in this world is not native. It will have been sewn and cultivated. Here, it is as third century BC Confucian philosopher, Hsün Tzu, said:

The nature of man is evil; his goodness is only acquired by training.

– Hsün Tzu

To be kind, we may say we are much mistaken, not evil, as human nature is. We try to be good in our way, on our own. But the ideas that spiritually untrained people hold onto are delusional, tendentious, self-defeating. We all like to call ourselves lovers, but then we denounce others as haters, and so we get lost, killed off, in our made-up petty-vicious world.

Though lovers be lost, love shall not; and death shall have no dominion.

– Dylan Thomas

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