Save the Young – They Deserve It – And We Need Them

To ease his health problems, Lee Brooker, a 76-year-old disabled vet, grew pot in his backyard. Local Alabama police inadvertently saw it. Now, he’s serving life without parole. He’ll likely die in prison.

Damage from drug abuse is awful. It’s understandable that we get fierce about it. Criminalizing substances began in 1919. Since then, we’ve arrested 60 million people, crushing families, even degrading the police by having them arrest so many people for non-victim offenses. Now, drug abuse is worse than ever.

Drug use indicates spiritual emptiness. Americans share Judeo-Christian history. But society has semi-officially rejected spiritual values. Some smart people say there’s no God, we’re just bags of meat, and values are relative. Others say we’re spiritual beings, that a higher mind transcends human intelligence. Many think we need a loving God to cushion our soul, and a natural law, not men, to guide us.

To thrive, we must get right with the Lord and the constitution. The equal protection clause says if some adults can legally use drugs, all can. Why cheat on this? Drug use is a medical issue. Public intoxication and selling drugs to kids are police issues. Because drugs are illegal, they bring big money; so, drug gangs have turned cities into shooting galleries. We relied on force for 100 years; maybe it’s time to use persuasion. We must save the young; show them they’re not expendable bags of meat, but are beloved spiritual beings.

By way of context; long ago, zealous men set out to dominate Christianity and capitalism by turning everyone against everyone. To fix the world, they said. Zealots are always doing this; dividing people to conquer them and fix them. In this case, the value of the individual was out; big central government was in. Clerks replaced clerics. Big mess. Criminalizing drugs was an early step by big government. Of course, drug abuse is bad, but wrecking society in a failed attempt to fix it is also bad. We humans are so dumb, we don’t deserve to live. Now, all sides (races, genders, rich, poor, etc.) are ingrained constituencies that resist reconciliation and keep our house divided. The good bad news is that great big government is a humongous stumbling beast that can’t get out of it’s own mindless way. The drug war exemplifies this. We might still outlast this mess.

BUT there’s another mess. Our zealous men have countless cousins who blow up kids and passers-by as their way to serve Allah. We can’t simply outlast these radical Islamist zealots. They’ve been warring for 1500 years. Now, they’re seeking nukes. They may find some, and may use them. We need to refocus. We must find enough unity to defend all those who feel they’re American.