Dragon Season

We’re in a hot new political season – time to fight the dragon. The blaming and shaming is fierce as ever. We can speak with respect, to inform and persuade. Instead, we spend our time ripping the siding off each other. We know we’ve gone to our hate locker for ideas and words when we find ourselves thinking, “Let’s get the bastards.”

Oh, well; this ripping does have a silver lining. Elections are mock wars. They vent hate, ease pressure, avoid bloody war. So, be happy. Say what you think. Remember what Nietszche advised: If you go out to fight the dragon, be careful you don’t become the dragon.


Pow Wow

My wife and I needed to entertain our 15 year-old nephew who was visiting from San Francisco. So, we took him to the Grand Entry at the recent LCO Pow Wow. It’s hard now to know what to say about it. It’s been years since I’ve been to a Pow Wow. I had remembered it as a kind of carnival. At this last one, though, I felt like we were peeking in the window at a family gathering. I didn’t know any of the 375 costumed dancers. I knew only 1 of the many drummer-singers. So, being a kind of outsider, I’m concerned that talking about this special gathering may not be entirely correct, may be rude. But I feel I must say something. I feel I must shout something about how grateful I am to have been present at this huge dancing prayer. The Pow Wow is a lesson about who we human beings really are, a spiritual lesson that desperately needs to be taught. Our world is so much about money, being right, and feel good stuff – and that’s okay – but life can feel so empty at times, it’s like we’re already dead. The Pow Wow Grand Entry was/is live spirit, pure spirit, all of us part of the same spirit. Boundless integrity, dedication, and uncompromising love lifted us all up by our hearts. It was truly Grand. And then there were the amazingly earnest young ones singing and drumming their hearts out. What a holy event! What a fine healing moment to have in mind forever.