hate poisons us

After we tell people how unforgivably vile and stupid they are; that is, that we hate them, we can’t expect them to thank us for our insight. That great physician and educator, Maria Montessori, said we must evolve as a species to where everyone understands that hate is toxic waste. It drive’s an extremely contagious mental disease, fear. In medieval times, we spread physical disease by throwing human waste into the public streets. Now, we know better. Now, it’s time to learn better about the devastating harm that hate does. It makes us crazy afraid, mean, reckless, and it brings war.

To manage the universal inborn human compulsion to hate, I must pray – a lot – for spiritual guidance. To pray effectively, I avoid the modern in-your-face style of Saul Alinsky. I affirm the kind teachings of Jesus. It’s different for some. My older brother is very kind and wise, but he says asking Jesus for guidance is nuts, that there is no God, and that religion is a source of hate. I get it. But it’s a very cynical view that fails to address humanity’s absolute need for some kind of positive spiritual discipline. I think my brother learned kindness from our parents who, in turn, got it from their patents or religion.

Anyway, not by government force or social coercion, but by sound education and free choice, we must evolve and stop dumping toxic psychological waste (hate) into the public mind. It doesn’t just poison bad guys; it poisons us all. It’s like tossing grenades into the bad guy’s end of our lifeboat. So, if you find yourself blasting the next guy as subhuman filth, stop as soon as you can, or this hate will end up back on your plate, and buried in your mind. It will hurt you. Don’t call yourself names for hating; just remember gently that it’s a mistake.

Now, each candidate is saying the world will end if they’re not elected. We all have our own idea which candidate will more likely bring peace and prosperity. Vote that. Don’t be intimidated by those who insist that if you don’t agree with them, something’s wrong with you. That’s baloney. No one can know the future. We can’t know how the world’s struggles will actually play out. Sometimes things that seem worst turn out the best, and vice versa. So, we simply can’t choose a certain future. But we can choose a certain present. Being kind and personally respectful to all, despite deep disagreements, is a healthy present. So, lighten up, and do your best, the Creator loves us all.