We Need a Tidal Wave of Love

If one wants to, they can explain away anything, even my piece here encouraging peace. Still, I feel obliged to say publicly that for the health of our nation, we must heal the break between Trump supporters and Trump haters. We can’t go forward in hate. It’s too bad that some intend that we do.

Trump haters say Trump is evil, racist, sexist, etc., so they can’t, in good conscience, even tolerate him. That’s their business. But a deep wound occurs when Trump haters call all Trump supporters Nazis. Meryl Streep used the fighting words Brown Shirts. This wound deepens when Trump haters elevate their private moral outrage to a conspiracy to destroy President Trump. It makes it public business. It’s also public business that our kids are now being harmed by all the hate in the air. We’re teaching our kids to hate.

Facts, reason and good will can heal this wound. Fact: those who support Trump are not choosing to share or tolerate evil. They may be wrong, but they believe Trump is a good man and right for the job. They believe those who call Trump evil are wrong, but that a few Trump haters intentionally mis-characterize him as evil, to mislead voters and damage Trump – an evil in itself. Most likely, there are some who support Trump because they resonate to the ugly mis-characterizations of him. It takes all kinds.

If Trump supporters want peace, they can talk less trash, but they do not physically attack or threaten Trump haters much; they mostly fear or disrespect them. But Trump-haters do widely threaten and bully Trump supporters – that’s a brute fact. If Trump haters want peace, they must call off their dogs, and stop saying Trump supporters are evil and/or tolerating evil; neither is true.

We’ve all had experience thinking someone is bad and learning later we were mistaken. We accepted our error and moved on. People can hate Trump. It’s their private business. They can even work against him – lawfully. But hating and threatening half of society, and sabotaging the lawful managers of our security, is criminal, not peaceful.

As I said, people can choose to think what they like. I’ve learned that if humans really want to know the truth, they must say aloud, “I want to know the truth just because it is the truth.” If we don’t do this, we will tend to buy all sorts of self-serving half truths and misconstructions that justify our being a bully. Ultimately, we must give every human being (yes; even Donald Trump and Nancy Pelosi) the genuine compassion we owe them – only this will let our true intelligence shine and secure our well-being.