We can all get along

Some blame Trump for the polarization we’re experiencing. But Trump didn’t cause the polarization. He’s a response to it. He’s our great orange hope.

When I was growing up in Chicago in the 50’s, some boys might call us N-word-lovers if we liked blacks. We learned to like blacks anyway. Some of those boys, as men, vent that same ooze now warning us to not be Trump-lovers. Nothing to say. They pursue sameness even to excommunicating friends and family who don’t conform. I hope they find peace.

PS: I didn’t care for Trump at first. I found him too shiny and his hair too orange. And growing up in Queens gave him that challenging NY style. His opponents quickly organized against him with unproven racism charges and over-the-top (criminal?) bullying of all who dared to support him. I came to see him as a hero – flawed, of course, as all heroes are. But I think he wants the best for all. Any who refuse to see this even as a possibility, but push hate, harm themselves and society.

Sure, the election loss discombobulated many, but c’mon; if Hillary had a better message, she’d be president. But she didn’t; so she’s not. Pushing people to hate Trump is just wrong. Pushing anyone to hate anyone is wrong.

Finally, I have a summa cum laude degree in philosophy from UW-Madison. It may be worthless; I may be worthless – or I may be mistaken about; well, almost anything. But I stand for the countless degree-free deplorables who sweat, get dirty, callused, and make stuff work, like my dad did. Trump-haters publicly demand personal humiliation and social rejection for all workers who even barely tolerate Trump. Why so desperate and mean?

It’s over-reaction to an unexpected loss, sure; but it also suggests that the left is stuck in a nightmare, seeing an existential threat to its exalted status and global mission. Leftists are legends in their own minds. They’ve lorded over the people and done damage. They may fear Trump will hold them accountable.

Anyway, hate is the problem. It begins with the first wisp of irritation. It grows, poisons the hater, makes him or her stupid, and incites fear and violence. Hate makes us liars, and this dishonesty infects and imperils everything.

Still, we can all get along, if we stop hating and get rational, dispassionate, and respectful. Contrary to all the anti-American propaganda, and despite our huge problems, America is still the kindest, most generous, and diverse large group of humans ever assembled. It’s worth saving.